At oratel diagnostics we develop effective test devices that use plant pigments to identify fertility issues in women.

ENDO-TEK - Endometriosis test

Oratel’s accurate, easy-to-manufacture ENDO-TEK test can identify rapidly whether pelvic pain is due to endometriosis or something else. The assay is a swab impregnated with proprietary pigments that give color responses which correlate with the presence or absence of endometriosis. 



Our web camera reads the color response and transmits the color as digital data to our server, which also serves as a real-time data base for endometriosis. The server is already certified to transmit secure data to the doctor, who then consults with the patient. This saves both time and money in health care.

Time saving, life improving

Many patients with chronic pelvic pain, postpone diagnosis and frequently wait over 7 years before confirming whether or not they have endometriosis.

ENDO-TEK shortens the wait time for diagnosis from 7 years to 20 minutes using our portable saliva based test device.

20 min

Cost optimization

Many women choose to delay diagnosis due to the high cost and invasive nature of laparoscopies and histological diagnosis of biopsies - the current gold standard for diagnosis which cost on average: $1000.

The low cost and less invasive nature of a saliva based assay will allow more women to have quicker access to therapy and thus lead to improved care and better outcome for more women suffering from endometriosis

Low costs

Helping women

Endometriosis affects 10% of all women in their reproductive years.

It is a leading cause of chronic pelvic pain and causes low success rate for pregnancy.

1 out of 10